Monday, August 4, 2008

Zuke bars

Here's Mom's recipe:

5 eggs, beaten
2 c sugar
1 c oil
2 1/2 c flour
1/2 t baking soda
1/2 t baking powder
1/2 t salt
2 T cinnamon (yes, two tablespoons)
2 c grated zuchinni
1/2 c nuts

Bake 30 min in 350 degree oven or until done.

That's it, no step by step instructions. She assumes you know how to bake.

For those of you unsure...cream together the first 3 ingredients, then add the rest except zuke and nuts. Mix that lightly, then fold in the zuke and nuts.

As for the frosting, you can use any white frosting recipe you like. Cream cheese frosting is great on these, which taste like a spice cake/carrot cake. Frosting from a can works too.
I used this recipe, which creates a very creamy almost filling more than frosting.

5 T flour
1 c milk

Stir together in saucepan and heat until thick. Let cool.

Cream together:
1/2 c shortening
1/2 c margarine (I'm not a margarine fan, I used butter)
1 c sugar
1 t vanilla

Then add flour mixture and beat until smooth.

Must be stored in the refrigerator! It is probably a good idea to store the bars in the fridge anyway, because they are very moist.

Mom got stung by a wasp yesterday. I saw that she was by the (sadly currently disabled) car and had the door open, so I started walking over to guide her away and close the car door. The cat was sitting on the roof of the car. Mom cried out and started moving toward me, at first I thought the cat had scratched her. But she was moaning a little and holding her hand, so I started running. When I got closer, I saw several wasps flying about. I hustled Mom away and into the house as fast as I could. By the time we got to the house, she was singing. She was holding her hand a little, but I couldn't really tell where she got stung. I assume it just got her a little, her hand didn't swell anywhere that I could tell, but I did hold it under cold water for a while. She was getting impatient, just wanted to get back to her puttering.

I went back out to shut the car door, and sure enough, there was a wasp nest in the door. I generally have a live and let live, tread lightly on the earth policy, but unfortunately for these wasps I'll have to change that. I can't have a wasp nest where Mom will get stung, and she likes to play with car doors enough that I know this won't be the last time she'll open the door. Sure, I could lock the doors, but they would still be in there and still be disturbed by Mom trying to open the door. I'll have to get some wasp killer. I'm sorry wasps, but Mom comes first.


LostInCO said...

sounds delicious. I will print out the recipe when I get home. I also tend to be of the live and let live sort, but wasps building nests on my back gate have got to go.

rilera said...

I'm glad there were no adverse reactions to the wasp sting. Hugs to you and Mom.

Cindy said...

Must have been those little wasps that sting, but don't hurt so bad you want to cry. We have those in a squirrel baffle on a bird feeder. So far, I've left them alone (partly because they are so close to the fish pond), but if they give Mom or Grover any problems, they're gone. Besides, they are so crabby!

flintysooner said...

I have 2 wasp nests I am managing to live with right now. So far we are all getting along.

Glad your mom wasn't hurt. Those things can be really painful.

Turtle said...

Wasps...bad! I am allergic to things that sting, and i then stress my father in law as i love to be outside hiking, gardening, etc. (every year he brings me a new sting kit just in case) The zuke bars sound good, will have to try it out this week. Hey guess what i arrived in my mailbox yesterday, some seriously beautiful yarn!! I so love it and am thinking, mittens, socks or a nice winter tam! (really thinking tam!) Thank you soooo much! (will post the pic on my blog as soon as my camera and pc start talking again, need my geek to get back from canada!)

Cinnamin said...

Can't wait to try these!! Thank you for sharing!!

Wasps are not fun, and I hate to tell you this, but they don't like to leave! We've been having a war with wasps all summer long near the pool. Just when I get one nest gone, we have more of those little buzzing beasts attacking us! I wish you much luck!