Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fibery Pursuits

When asked my plans for the weekend, I said I was going to do something fibery while sitting in front of the window air conditioner. The forecast was for hot and humid. I hate hot and humid.

Lucky for me, the forecasters were wrong, and we had a very pleasant, dry day yesterday, and today is overcast and windy, almost cool, so far.

So yesterday I stood under a shade tree and skirted five alpaca fleeces. OK, to be accurate, it was four alpaca and one llama. I also washed two of them, and those are now on the drying rack. I'll wash more as those dry.

I also finished spinning more Emerald Lake fiber, and wound it off into a center pull ball for plying.

6.2 ounces, destined to become a pair of socks or two.

I didn't ply it right away, because I wanted to get my hands on this.

Remember the giant suri monster? This is a fraction of it put through the drum carder once. I am spinning this as finely as I can. It has a much longer staple than I am used to, but is turning out nicely, I think. The luster is amazing.

In other news, I lost my fly swatter. It normally hangs from a peg by the window, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the house. I figured Mom took it outside somewhere, but didn't want to traipse all around to find it.

This is what happens when you don't check the zucchini every day.

The one on the right is the size I want to pick them at for eating. The one on the left, a little big. So when confronted with a zuke bat, you make zuke bars!

Made them yesterday, using Mom's recipe. I turned the oven on, and almost walked away. Then I remembered to check, because sometimes Mom will put stuff in it. Sure enough, there was the fly swatter.


rilera said...

The Emerald Blue Lake is lovely! That will make a nice pair of socks. And the luster of the 'suri monster' is awesome! That is going to be something gorgeous for sure. Glad you found the fly swatter before it melted. I'm grateful that my Mom hasn't done anything like that so far.

Cinnamin said...

YUMMY! Those zuke bars look amazing! Would you share Mom's recipe?? My son and I are planning on making baked "coins" of zuke today and I'm always looking for new recipes with my favorite squash!

The "suri monster" is going to be beautiful! Sweater?? Can't wait to see - What a sheen it has!

Glad to hear that you got a break from the heat! Waiting not so patiently for my turn at cool weather!

Robin said...

WOW...what beautiful fiber! That cake looks YUMMY too!

LostInCO said...

Emerald Blue Lake is gorgeous. I 've never heard of zuke bars, are they tasty? Great catch on the fly swatter in the oven!!!

Turtle said...

pretty pretty emerald blue. Had to so laugh at the "not checking zukes in a day" as that is what happened when i went to the garden this morning. I swear it was only 2 inches long on friday! Now it is huge! And almost spit ont he computer at the finding of the fly swatter!

cornbread hell said...

if zuke bars are anywhere near as tasty and expiditious as rhubarb bars...heaven help us all.

(hi, annie. it was only 107 here today. phew!)