Friday, November 21, 2008

Day off

I find myself with an unexpected day off tomorrow. There will be time spent in a hair salon and a book store. Which means I'll be in a mall! Amongst people! Eeek! At least its before Thanksgiving.

Then I have a hot date. Ok, I do not. I plan on doing some raking of maple leaves, although we have a 20% chance of snow tomorrow. Maybe shovel some paca poo. Maybe do a little dyeing.

Have a good weekend!


Mama Pea said...

Hey, Annie, I hope you enjoy your day of being foot-loose and fancy-free! Be good to yourself and buy that extra book or two in the mall. And a couple of extra treats, too. Enjoy your day!

J said...

Been catching up reading your blog. I loved the ones about the toys and your mom. What a great personality shows through those pictures of her!
I really relate to this I found in one of your posts:
"As anti-social as I've become? The mind reels."
I find myself feeling this way very often.
Hope you had a great day off!

Cindy said...

A day off? Mental health day and YAY!!! I hope you enjoyed the time and got some balance back. Just taking the time and moseying at your own pace can rejuvenate so much. You have a great weekend, too, lady.

Joy said...

Lovely sky! Hope you enjoyed the well-deserved day off.