Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Ducky

Mom loves that duck.

She talks to it.

She clears the little fuzzies from its eyes so it can see, just like she pushes my hair back.

While one hand is making it quack, the other hand is holding the bill shut so it can't quack.

She tells it her secrets.

And just generally has a good time with it.

Yep. she loves that duck.


Mama Pea said...

What truly adorable pictures of your mom. A real treasure of memories in years to come. Thanks for sharing.

Cinnamin said...

I love to see you post pictures of your Mom's smile! Seeing today's post and pics made me want to laugh right along with her! So sweet! Thanks for posting these!

rilera said...

Precious pictures Annie! Thanks for sharing them. Mom sure does love that duck. Give her a big hug from me and to you!

Anonymous said...

Hello, again! It's the anon idea person who knows too much... : )

These pics of your Mom are nothing short of awesomely beautiful. Really! She is so Happy with that duck. Thank you for posting these!

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I am all for toys, stuffed animals, baby dolls, and anything safe and comforting to bring that happy and peaceful face on. There just are no words...

So, check out the following website (if for nothing else for a cuteness fix) and keep enjoying the now & posting! Thank you, again. (Berenguer baby dolls)

Anonymous said...

I can't read to type, too many tears.

Love to you and your Mom,

gr8aunt (Amanda)

cornbread hell said...

what gr8aunt amanda said.

Lily said...

lol and awwww, great pictures, I particularly like the surprise 'who you looking at?' one!

Annie said...

Anonymous, I don't know how long you've been reading along, but Mom has a babydoll named Judy. (Do a search on Judy and I'm sure several posts will come up.) She loves Judy too.

Amanda and Rick, they make me cry too. But also smile.

Cyndi B. said...

Ditto what gr8aunt amanda said.

Great pictures.

Cindy said...

I imagine this will be my future. It's so dear, yet so hard. You are in the right place at the right time, ma'dear. I'm still fighting it a bit. Hug your Mom tight for me, will ya?

sophanne said...

I love you maple corners.

Thanks for sharing these.

Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

Sorry for the double post.

Annie, these pictures of your mom are wonderful! She really does love that duck. LOL You're such a wonderful daughter to her. Many thoughts and prayers being sent your way. ((HUGS))

Chicken Mama said...

Hi, there -

I'm a sometimes-stop-by reader, and I'm so glad I did to catch these pictures. Talk about a picture being worth a 1000 words. Your mother is so very obviously (at least for this space and time) completely happy and content without a care in the world. As it should be.

You are amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Chicken Mama

Mary said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful woman.