Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Musical Ducks

In keeping with the toy theme started yesterday, here are a couple of Mom's favorites.

My friend P recently sent the one on the left. Mom tucks it into her left arm and carries it around like she does Judy. Press the left foot, and it plays the "Chicken Dance". Mom loves polka, so this always gets her dancing. Who can resist? Every time, I'm doing the chicken dance too. The duck moves as the song is playing. You might be thinking, why a duck, not a chicken? Well, in Germany the song is known as the "Ententanz", Ente meaning duck, so it makes perfect sense.

The duck on the right is a hand puppet. You put your hand up its, uh, you know, and move the bill together. As you do, it quacks three songs, "Old McDonald" , "Brother John", and "London Bridges". It quacks the melody, you just need to make it quack to the right tempo. The thing is, Mom can do it! And she sings along, ee i ee i oh. Mom loves that duck. I'll show you a bunch of pictures tomorrow evidencing this.

I wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions yesterday. I have found a lot of great toys I'm very excited about, including some simple musical instruments. I'll let you know how it turns out when I get them.

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