Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ever heard of these?

I don't really have anything to say, but wanted to ask if anybody has heard of or used these?

They look like something Mom might enjoy. They are big enough she can't put them in her mouth, yet can make stuff with them.

I have had to take away many things that she used to enjoy messing around with, because they are small and she puts them in her mouth. She likes to carry around pretty stones, but I had to hide those away. If they are big enough to discourage putting in the mouth, they are also too heavy for her to carry around easily. Imagine Mom's pants falling down because of the stones in her pockets.

I've had to put away the set of colored dominoes too. She liked to match the colors to each other.

Do they make giant Lego type things? Something she can build with, but not fit in her mouth? I'm going to have browse a toy store. This close to the holidays? As anti-social as I've become? The mind reels. Ok, online. Anybody have favorite on-line (bargain) toy purveyors? Or a toy suggestion?


Alanna said...

I think Lego Duplos would work.

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest calling up a selected few adult daycare or dementia units and ask to speak with an activity director. What do they use and can they get you a deal? Maybe even a creative physical therapist or occupational therapist would have access to things not found in a toy store that would be guaranteed safe and durable. Like those big heavy duty vinyl balls that come in a range of sizes and shapes. Or maybe contact a gerontologist at a college?
Mom doesn't play with fire, does she? Just a safety thought as in poking the long flammable plastic item into the firebox... or creating a "road" hazard for night time tripping through the darkness. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

From Toys-R-Us:
Melissa & Doug Deluxe 50-piece Wooden ABC/123 Blocks Set

Magneatos Jumbo 36 Piece Set

12-piece Wooden Shape-Sorting Cube
Mega Bloks Maxi System 80 Pieces - Primary Colors

Soft and Sturdy Timber Blocks (large foam blocks)

Just another of many thoughts, but can you or do you have a friend who can cut up some wood in larger than mouth size pieces? Sand down the sharpness and dye them for color. Or wrap some in fiber for soft textures. Or get a large block of foam from the fabric store and cut into blocks (electric knife works great!). Drill holes through the wooden blocks to pull rope/clothesline/other sturdy stuff through and add another dimension to the blocks. Poly rope knots can be melted into undoable knots and large beads or smaller blocks can be added.

It seems your mom goes for the smaller stuff. Would she lose interest in wielding large plastic Tinker Toy parts?

Hope this helps a little.

Annie said...

Wow, thanks for the suggestions. I have some browsing to do!

Anon, I started using the corn/pellet stove again late last winter, because I couldn't afford not to anymore, but also because she isn't bothering it anymore. She ignores it. If she tried messing with it, I wouldn't use it again.

Regarding the large plastic parts, that is why I haven't ordered them yet and was wondering if anyone had experience with them. They're almost too big. I need a happy medium.

rilera said...

Annie, I browsed Amazon when I was looking for things for Mom to do. I found some great puzzles from Melissa and Doug there. Basically I looked for stuff geared towards younger kids that Mom might enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, there's more...!

A large wooden table board with various activities secured firmly to the board - like shoelaces, buttons, zippers...

Stuffed animals and baby dolls are always good. Tickle Me Elmo might be amusing for a brief time... Books on tape (or CD) accompanied by books with pictures. Music ala nursery rhymes and sing-along-type songs.

Toys with texture. Toys from the infant section like clear plastic tubes safely encasing smaller, mobile, and colorful objects that move inside the larger object.

A short rope with large beads of different colors and textures that can be slid along the rope.

Do you have a DVD player? There are DVD's that have nothing but baby faces laughing and smiling. Favorite movies. Short ones. Happy ones you can cuddle soft blankets on the couch and watch together.

Maybe a sturdy doll house, unbreakable mixing bowls and other kitchenware...

Okay, I will stop now... Good luck!

Kcbrat said...

HI! Lego Duplos are a great idea and my first too, however they are smaller than they used to be. Here is another option and cheaper than Legos. They are called Mega Bloks and can be bought online about anywhere. We used them with my Grandma and she loved building with them and matching colors and carrying them around. They are to big to swallow, light enough she wouldn't get hurt and pretty indestructible. The Mega Bloks wagon (Amazon)and Mega Bloks Big Bag (Target)are good offers under $25.00. Walmart usually carries them as well. Hope this helps...

Anonymous said...

Back again! Found some websites and more ideas (below) that I had to pass on to you! Especially the DOUBLE FUN GIGGLE BALLS made as Elmo and the Cookie Monster. Have fun and let your creativity rock on this one! : ) Really, I won't post any more today as I must venture out and load up on groceries... Post pictures of Mom with new toys. It will be fun!
: D


fatbraintoys.com -(has a toy called tangletherapy)

a giant pegboard (maybe wall mounted, with soft pegs)

Sensory balls (again, infant/toddler)



Lily said...

How's your baking? Why not bake some shapes that will fit together to build shapes and it won't matter if your mum puts them in her mouth, nutritious toys!

cornbread hell said...

i'm pretty much in awe of all these great ideas. (maybe you could include them in an appendix in your book.)

but baked shapes takes the cake.

Spinningfishwife said...

These are very like the Quadro we have in the UK. With the Quadro we build a structure, then leave it up and the kids play with it. It can take a couple of hours to build something big, or a morning to make a tree house or castle. I don't think they're ideal for mom.

As has been said Lego Duplo would be great and they alsp make small people and animal figures to work with them. You could fit a brick in your mouth but you probably couldn't swallow it. That stuff is made for 3-5 year olds. There is also an even chunkier variety made for babies called Lego Primo which has rattles, bells, small figures and animals as well as a variety of brick shapes. I think they would be ideal. I think it may be discontinued now but you'd find it on Ebay.

Cindy said...

I can't add anything at all, but these sound like amazing ideas.

Mare said...

All the ideas i had for you have already been offered! I would check out anything that is safe for toddlers to play with, which is where i am at right now, shopping for my 1 year old granddaughter. Large legos, shape sorters, soft blocks, big plastic snap beads, colorful zylaphones, all bright colors, too large to swallow...I would be bummed if i couldn't carry my rocks in my pockets any more....

Turtle said...

they're like super big lincoln logs, erector sets. I think your mom would enjoy them!

Lily said...

Another thing you could try is home-made playdough. Harmless but salty, your mum wouldn't want to put it in her mouth (well not twice!) but could make lots of shapes out of it herself. My children loved it when they were little. Here's the recipe:
The Ingredients

1 cup of plain flour
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of salt
2 tablespoons of cream of tartar
2 tablespoons of oil
Food colouring

Mix together the dry ingredients
Add the water
Mix until smooth
Add the food colouring followed by the oil
Cook on a medium heat, stirring constantly, until the dough leaves the side of the pan in a ball
Allow to cool before use