Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Socks and stoles

I was knitting the toe on the second sock of this pair when Obama was declared the winner last night. The person these are going to will appreciate that fact.

I also took this yarn

off the bobbin yesterday. I think Mom has absconded with one of the legs of my niddy noddy, I can't find it, anyway, so I up-ended a kitchen chair and wrapped it around the four legs. The skein should be a bit over 500 yards of I don't know what weight. Would this be considered cobweb, lace or fingering? I haven't measured the wpi (wraps per inch) to figure that out. It is alpaca/merino/silk/angora, from this roving I got back from the mill in July.

I want to create a lacy stole for a friend with this. I have more spinning to do, I realize. I've been searching for an easy pattern. Maybe Wisp? When I say easy, I mean the lace part needs to be fairly mindless. I often have to stop in the middle of a row to see what Mom is doing, so something with a lot of counting or requiring concentration is out.

I've also been looking through the Harmony Guides 1 and 2 for a stitch pattern, thinking I could just design my own stole. Something with a small row repeat, even better if the return row is knit. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am a lace novice, did I mention that?

I also thought about cheating and just using a large needle and doing garter stitch. That seems like a cop out though, and I don't want to do that.


Cindy said...

Are you a member of Ravelry? If so (it's worth it just for the patterns), check out the scarf patterns, too. You could double or triple the width of an easy lacy scarf pattern and make is a stole. The socks rock and the yarn is beautiful.

StringPlay said...

Sometime I get ideas for easy lace for scarves or stoles from free dishcloth patterns. You kind of have to use your imagination and try it with thinner yarn. You might look at several here:

cornbread hell said...

niddy noddy

yes, i have a suggestion. you should come up with a rap using any of at least a dozen words in this post.

Annie said...

Cindy and Stringplay, I spent a while this evening on Ravelry looking at scarf, wrap and dishcloth patterns. I may have found it!

Rick, I think you should come up with the rap. I'll expect it in my inbox. Too bad I wasn't talking about my spinning wheel this post, you might have been able to use the word orifice, too. Now get composing.

Turtle said...

i have not attempted any true designing yet and all my lace is a bit more complicated. lovely yarn though!! waiting to see what you decide!