Thursday, December 4, 2008


Mama Pea asked a question about fulling, and Rick very capably answered in the comments. The above is the triangle straight off the loom, without fulling. The weave is pretty open.

Here it is after fulling. The weave is closer, the fulling has created more of a fabric. I just hand washed it in hot water with a little bit of dishwashing liquid, and squeezed and rubbed slightly between my hands. I rinsed in hot, then cold water. The combination of hot water and agitation caused it to full. The shock of cold water also helps the fibers to tighten up. Bear in mind I did this on purpose. Don't wash your favorite wool sweater/socks/whatever this way!

This little triangle alone works great as a scarf around the neck and buttoned in the back. It covers that little triangle at your neck where your coat doesn't go. However, I plan on stitching it together with several more to form a stole. I haven't decided if I should stitch using the same yarn, so that the seams disappear, or use a contrasting yarn so the stitching becomes a design element. I have more to weave before I have to worry about that though.

Look, Ursa the dog made a snow angel! I saw her rolling first this way then that on her back in the snow. When she got up and walked off, I couldn't resist taking the photo. Her tail made the head of the angel. She's so talented.


Mama Pea said...

Now that has got to be one snow angel for the books!

How come you have a snow covering in southern Minnesota when we up here near the Canadian Border have none? Doesn't seem fair.

We have 16° and sunshine. At least I think it's sunshine. Windows didn't get washed this fall and they are dirty, dirty, dirty.

I like the woven triangle much more after it's been fulled. (Did I say that the right way?)

Mama Pea said...
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Mare said...

Ursa makes a better snow angel than most people i know! :)

Cindy said...

And, Ursa looks like an angel. Love the triangle. Looks warm and I love the colorations.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Ursa is one talented canine!
I love her snow angel!

Amanda (gr8aunt)

J said...

Tell Ursa that she is very talented and give her a hug for me.
I really enjoy reading about your yarn projects. It's something I've always been curious about.