Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter is back!

A few inches of snow on the metal roof of the granary makes for some odd icicles.

The snow started to slide off the roof, taking the icicle with it, but then stopped. Can you see the two droplets in mid-drop? (If somebody with more knowledge about Blogger can explain why some pictures can be clicked for big, and some can't, I'd sure like to hear. It is always a crap shoot for me where that is concerned. In other words, help anybody? ETA: Thanks to Rick's help in the comments, you can now click for big. Thanks Rick!)

A short Mom story. I am constantly asking Mom, "What's in your mouth?" because I just never know what she has put in there. Usually, she opens her mouth to show me. This time, she nonchalantly and immediately answered, "Mice," and kept on chewing. Don't worry, it wasn't mice, it was just a piece of turkey. She makes me laugh every day!


Anonymous said...

Your Mom is too cute! Mice!
Made me laugh, too!!

Sorry I can't help with linking the pictures so that they can "click" big. Love the images! And, I think I can indeed see those drops!

Amanda (gr8aunt)

J said...

I've just been catching up with you. WOW! You have been having adventure after adventure. You sure know how to think fast on your feet.
I love your mom stories. The 'mice' brought me a much needed smile today.
(((Annie))) you're a great daughter!

cornbread hell said...

why she said mice is the question i want answered. funny, funny lady...

a)did you move the photo around?
if you drag a picture after uploading it into blogger, the html code breaks up. that's the short answer. i'll look for the link to explain it better and send it to you.

b)if you didn't try to move the pic, you must to say "mice" 3 times and click your heels once.

Annie said...

Rick, I'd like that question answered too.
a) Yes, I moved it. If you can find the link I'll try to fix it.
b) At least I don't have to eat them!

cornbread hell said...

i will put the link here in case anyone else wants it.

Chicken Mama said...

Hello from a Lurker (of your blog - lurk, lurk) -

Maybe, for her, it was one of those "ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer"! ;)