Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Poor Judy

I think Mom was prepping Judy for a little brain surgery.

I can't get it off.


Cindy said...

I think Judy is going punk.

Mama Pea said...

Did you try Soft Scrub and a sponge? Maybe even a Scotch Brite scrubber, the green kind.

rilera said...

Nice mohawk Judy!

Have you tried nail polish remover? I wonder if that would be safe on vinyl.

Has your Mom seemed to be upset by this development not realizing that she did it?

Jen said...

I think I've heard that hair spray works to get ink off of dolls. I think it's the alcohol in it.

And for some reason, my first thought on why your mother might have done this was, maybe she's trying to show on Judy something about how her own head feels that she can't express otherwise?

I could be totally off the mark, but wanted to offer that thought in case it meant anything.

Cinnamin said...

I was thinking 409, nail polish remover or hair spray as well...I know that baking soda and a scrubbing sponge work with to remove crayon, but not sure if this would work with pen. You could try calling your local hobby store and asking about some type of solvent. Poor Judy!

Lily said...

I'm blown away by Jen's suggested explanation for your mum's actions. The more I look at the photo of Judy and that furious scribbling on the forehead, the more sense it makes!

Nannette said...

Rubbing alcohol will remove nearly any ink. I've even used it on sharpies (tho its success on sharpies depends on the surface written upon).

Annie said...

I used a product called Goof off, which is supposed to remove ink from plastic. I think the head might be too soft, the ink seems to have soaked right in. I also tried my glass cook top cleaner, thinking that is like Soft Scrub. That didn't work either. I don't have any nail polish remover since I don't wear nail polish.

It doesn't seem to bother Mom, so I guess Judy is a tattooed baby.

Jen, I never would have thought of that, but the idea blows me away like it did Lily.

Jen said...

That's why I say these things no matter how weird they may seem - you never know what's going to strike the right chord.

Thinking about it a little more, the marks on Judy's head are all in the places where I get sinus pressure and pain when there's a storm. Does your mother have a history of sinus troubles?

I want to add, too, that I absolutely love your blog because of the tender, loving way you speak of your mother. You accept and even embrace her "art", you share how she cares for her beloved Judy.

You also acknowledge that it's often scary, and you share how much you worry about her. And that's okay, because Alzheimer's is all those things at once, something very scary happening to someone you love.

Thank you for all of that. You paint a picture of Alzheimer's that is seldom seen, and that's special.