Thursday, December 11, 2008

What is it?

I found this little doohickey in my toaster, along with a little piece of paper. I thought maybe it was a little foot for a counter appliance, but nothing is missing anything. It obviously covers a nut or something, but I can't find what it goes to. It is fairly soft and pliable.

I never know what I'll find in the toaster.

EDITED at 11:30 pm to add: Found it!

It is the covering for the on/off switch for my flashlight. That was driving me crazy. Mom often carries it around (no batteries in it), I never thought of it as unsafe before. I have now hid it in the cupboard.


cornbread hell said...

either something IS missing a foot or bolt cover, has been out walking when you weren't looking.

Annie said...

That's what I'm afraid of. I haven't been vigilant enough.

cornbread hell said...

yes. we all know what a slacker you are, annie. (hahahhahahahah)

Cindy said...

Remember the phrase "realtive safety." Try not to worry. There are some things we cannot control. That being said, I do the same damn thing. Besides, how much cabinet space do you have and how long before she figures out she needs to look?