Friday, December 12, 2008


Isn't it amazing how, even frozen, water still ends up looking like waves?

If I were any good with Photoshop, I'd put a little surfer dude riding that wave. I'm not, so use your imagination.

The five inches of snow we got Monday night was transformed by the bitter winds that came Wednesday.

I walked out to the mailbox yesterday, and saw waves in the driveway ditches.

The snow from the field ended up caught by my driveway. The ditch is full, so now it is starting to drift over the driveway too. I'm glad the truck has 4 wheel drive.


Olga said...

My gosh you really got the snow! I heard on the radio that Minn. was getting some. we only got a dusting last night. Looks so artic there.

Cindy said...

Cool pictures of the snow. Hope you are warm and dry.

J said...

I love snow. Especially the deep ones like you have. I know it's also a pain in the tush. You and mom keep warm (((HUGS)))

cornbread hell said...

with all that snow in mind, check out the "cosmic floodlight" tonight.

Annie said...

Rick, funny you should mention that. It was clear (thus below zero) last night and I could hardly sleep it was so bright! I was thinking it would be a good night for moonlit snowshoeing. Unfortunately, it has since clouded over, so I'm afraid I won't be able to see the moon tonight. I even looked up my area moon rise so I could be out there with tripod and camera. Dang it! Hope it is clear down there so you can enjoy it.