Sunday, December 14, 2008

360 Sunset

I didn't get photos of the whole thing. I got only about 150 degrees. Starting south.




I was hoping to turn east and get the moonrise, but there were too many clouds. The sky was pink that way too, but I decided to stop because I had run outside in just my house sandals, (and clothes of course, I'm not stupid. Ok, no jacket or coat though. It was 40 degrees here yesterday!) following tire tracks that had crunched the snow down.

Can I also tell you how much I love my blue plastic sled? Although it is about 37 right now, there is a cold front coming, and wind chills are expected to be -30 to -35 here by morning. I wanted to give the animals more bedding, as well as some of the extra good hay, both of which are stored in the granary, about 75 feet from the llama barn. Rather than carrying the bales through the drifts, I loaded them, two at a time, on the little blue plastic sled of joy, and pushed them over to the barn, lighting skimming across the drifts. Yeehaw, I love when a plan actually works!

I spread out the two bales of bedding, and fed the one bale of "candy" hay. The other I'll save to feed tomorrow. Now at least it is over in the llama barn, and I can just run out there to feed it, and not have to lug it over. In those temps, skin can freeze in seconds, so the more I can get done today, the better.

I hope all you up north readers are doing ok. We just got some rain, no blizzard like you are getting.


rilera said...

It's raining here too. My ice candles are melting a little bit :(

The photos are gorgeous! Glad to hear the sled is helping you feed the animals. How do they do in the cold?

Mama Pea said...

Up North Blizzard Report at 3 p.m.: Only about 5" of snow so far but temp is dropping rapidly (9 deg. now) and the wind is fierce. Son-in-law on way home from Minneapolis had to stop in Hinckley because of accidents and bad road conditions. Is it winter yet?

Your pictures are bee-yoo-ti-ful!

Lily said...

Can llamas be used as pack animals? They could fetch their own bedding!

J said...

Your pics are so beautiful. I'm like you... they're worth a bit of cold. Keep warm!

Heather said...

We got hit moderately hard here but it's COLD! Hope you and all the critters stay warm!