Monday, December 15, 2008


You know on those hot, humid summer nights when you try to sleep all sprawled out so no body part is touching another body part because you don't want to generate any body heat, and you hope to find a cool spot on the sheets? I slept that way last night, trying to have as much contact with the bed as possible.

I have discovered the joy of an electric matress pad. Where have they been all my life? I am never getting out of bed again.


Cindy said...

That, and flannel sheets. Nirvana in the dead of winter.

Cindy said...

That, and flannel sheets. Nirvana in the dead of winter.

Mama Pea said...

Okay, now I have electric mattress pad envy. As I sit here typing, I'm afraid to move my feet for fear one of my frozen toes might break off. And I've been in from doing outside chores for 30 minutes already. Is 3 p.m. too early to crawl into bed?

Lily said...

Ah well now, I prefer getting into cold sheets. I hate being too warm in bed. That's the viking blood in me, I expect ;-)

Joy said...

They're wonderful, aren't they? Though I recently discovered that the full size only seems to come with a single control now - that won't work!

Annie said...

Cindy, I've never warmed up to flannel sheets. I guess I always thought the flannel of my pajamas would get stuck to the flannel of the sheets and I'd end up stuck in bed like a character in a giant flannel board story.

Mama Pea, I hope you've warmed up by now!

Lily, I used to be that way. Mind you, I still like sleeping in a cold room. This morning I found that I had flung most of my covers off because I was too warm. But with Mom getting up several times a night, I found myself getting chilled, and then going back to bed and not being able to get back to sleep because the bed had cooled off during my absence. When this happens 2-3 times a night, I couldn't handle it any more because I was getting no sleep due to the shivering and teeth chattering.

Joy, I got a queen size, even though I only have a full sized bed. The 50% off sale ended that day, they weren't taking rain checks and they didn't have any full sized ones. It came with two controllers, so I just plugged in the one for the side I sleep on, and left the other half off. Works like a charm, although I did notice the dog trying to shove me off the bed so she could have the warm spot.

Turtle said...

lol, hubby says once i get warm i am a furnace, so i keep waking up on the egde of the bed with him snuggled up next to me...i think pushing me off!

bulletholes said...

Hi Annie!
thanks for the stop by AND GOOD WISHES.
I love it cold, where it slows your metabolism down to a crawl.
I like it when you leave the windows open, and it gets cold and you wake up almost frozen, shut the window and get undr a blanket and let it slowly rescue you from the hypothermia you were headed for.

Hi Annie!