Friday, December 19, 2008


We got another 5-6 inches of snow last night.

I knew it was coming, so Mom and I went to the post office, library, farm store, office supply store, and grocery store yesterday. So much fun. I found a toaster on sale at the farm store. I needed a new one because Mom picked up the cord and walked away with it. The toaster crashed to the ground into several little pieces. That toaster was at least 24 years old. I probably would have waited for spring for a garage sale to buy one, but Mom must have her waffles.

I got some disheartening news. The senior program that had recently expanded their services to my town told me that they can't supply a volunteer, because Mom is too challenging to care for. I suppose they don't want the liability, since she puts stuff in her mouth. I was hoping to have someone visit her just to keep her awake and occupied while I am working here in my home office. I didn't think that would be that difficult, but I guess I was wrong. There went that little bit of hope.

On a happier note, I got one box of fiber back from the fiber mill. I am expecting another. I plan to take a mental health day tomorrow and play with fiber as much as I can.


punkin said...

I am sorry about the disappointing news. You weren't asking for much and it is surprising they could not help you. I hope something works out for you and your mother.

Turtle said...

take a day to play with fiber and just let us know what time you want us there! smile
. so sorry about mom, that is not an uncommon thing, putting things in the mouth...suprises me that that is the reason. You got the snow we got yesterday! look out, we're due for 12 more inches tomorrow night...this is more snow than i have seen since we moved here!

Lily said...

I wonder whether there are other carers in a similar position near you? If there are perhaps you could get together and take turns in helping each other out, or would it have to be professionals, for legal reasons?

Cindy said...

How far are you from your local AD chapter? Can you email them and ask for help? I find it difficult to believe that just because your Mom puts stuff in her mouth that she would be ineligible. Especially in her own home! I'm so sorry. Take the day and enjoy and relax as much as you can.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts from NE MN...

Re: restless nights - maybe it is time for medication changes or additions. A good thing to run through your doctor or NP. Brain changes are progressive in AD and it may be time to try something else or a new addition to be used as needed.

Also, as we age, our bodies don't regulate temperatures as well and it is easy to become colder (winter) or hotter (summer) than we should be and in AD this would be expressed through behaviors. It is also why the stereotypical little old lady wears sweaters in July.

Maybe you could offer up free room & board for the right person in exchange for live-in help? Maybe the college nearby with health care programs or research programs would know of a student who could/would spend a semester or two in your home in exchange for R & B plus a learning opportunity. Another thought is opening up your home to one or more elders requiring minimal cares, applying for status and funds through your county offices, hiring your own help, and creating your own assisted living home. Just a thought... sometimes it's not what you do, but how you define what you do (for others) that makes the difference.

It is important to take care of yourself in that you get your sleep, exercise, etc. because if you aren't able to give yourself the quality of care you need, then what will be left to give Mom? One of the final deciding factors between caring for the AD family member at home or entrusting the family member to a facility is typically caregiver overload. Everyone has their limit.

So keep taking care of yourself and take these thoughts for whatever they may be worth and hopefully they will lead to a helpful solution or two for you. It may also be helpful to know that it is not unusual to regularly change the plan of action/care even weekly as needed.

Stay warm & safe.