Friday, January 9, 2009

Wrist warmers

A good friend of mine asked me for a pair of wrist warmers to help ease the joint pain of arthritis. I was happy to oblige. Hopped on the Ravelry pattern browser, ( I love the Ravelry pattern browser!) and found this. Ravelry link here. I modified the pattern to suit me. I omitted the diamond on one end, and just did k1p1 ribbing in the round with 5 dpns until I thought it was long enough (5 inches, in this case), then started the decreases for the diamond at the beginning and end of each row, now working back and forth, but still with the dpns.

I love this because it leaves your hand free, but still covers the top of the wrist and hand for warmth. If it bugs, you just fold it back for another look, and double the warmth. I had no way to model these on an actual wrist, so check out the link to see what I mean.

These took just 1.4 oz of handspun alpaca. Perfect for that little batt you couldn't resist buying but don't know what to do with. Or, in my case, I was experimenting with overdyeing a natural rose gray roving, so just did small amounts of roving.

During an unusually long (for me, anyway) bout of TV watching last night(Ugly Betty, Gray's Anatomy, Private Practice, all in a row), I spun this up.

This is more Ollie de Llama roving, dyed with a combination of three or four colors ( I know there was Cornflower, Orchid and Silver Birch, and maybe a little Cyclamen? These are all Gaywool colors, in case you care. Also, why don't I write this stuff down so I can duplicate it? That would probably require measuring though too.) I love the color, but what is it? What would you call this? It is too pink for lavender or lilac, yet too blue for pink, too pink for rose, too pink for thistle, too blue for orchid. Maybe I'll just call it Fred. I suck at colorway names.


Mama Pea said...

How 'bout Dusty Rose? . . . or else Fred. :o)

P.S. Really nice wrist warmers!

Anonymous said...

How about Freda, or Fredricka? Fred might be too........well, Fredish.

And, I agree about Ravelry, it's a wonderful resource!

Wishing you a happy week-end!

Amanda (gr8aunt)

cornbread hell said...

fred's not really that catchy of a name. sorry.

how about 'pretty in purple'?
(or pinkle?)(or purple n pink?)

ok...fred's good.

sophanne said...

yes on the pattern search-

I'd call the color "mauv-e-lous"

Cindy said...

It actually looks like "Crape Myrtle". Do you have those bushes in Minnesota? They are all over Missouri. Lovely wrist warmers.

Mare said...

I call it beautiful!

Claire said...

I'm with Sophanne - mauve-e-lous, or perhaps Mimosa. It's just lovely.

rilera said...

It looks like lilac or mauve. It's beautiful!

kayceebeebee said...

Yes, very nice color on the wrist warmers. I also watched the same shows you did however, I switched to ER at 9pm even tho I am a Private Practice watcher, too. They've once again put the two (ER and Private Practice) at the same time again this year.

Turtle said...

i think you should call it "say fred" ... just cause! it looks really nice though as well as the warmers. i need to knit myself a new set as mine are beginning to fall apart, they have been very well loved! hows mom treating you? Enjoy your weekend! (i recorded those shows and watched them this morning while i pittered around before work...i can then fast forward through the commercials!)

Cinnamin said...

For some reason “jasmine” popped into my mind when I saw this color…I don’t have any idea why.

We had a dog (the brother of our little dog) next door to us when I was a child. His name was “Fred” so I like this name as well. That memory made me smile. Thanks!

I really like the wrist warmer idea as well!