Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to the Real World

This is definitely the most comfortable, pretty and fancy spot I've ever done a spinning demo. Usually I'm in a tent, or on a porch of a historical building. I was surrounded by beautiful things. The proprietess is wonderful, and sent me home with a bag of goodies, including some cookbooks and a great shaker toy ladybug rattle for Mom. Mom loves it, carried it around all day yesterday. I had to almost pry it from her fingers so she could pick up her fork to eat.

Isn't this ingenious? There aren't any steps down to their mailbox, so they built a trolley for it. The mailbox travels up and down the trolley so they can retrieve their mail. I love it! Maybe I should build a little train for mine when it is -40 and I don't want to walk my fairly long driveway!

This is in Independence. I loved the circle window.

This is in Kansas City, MO. Painted on a wall, somewhere near 18th & Vine, I think. They were driving all over, so don't quote me on that.

It was a long weekend filled with food, music, art, and new and old friends. Wonderful. Restorative.


Cindy said...

You DID have fun! I love the mailbox trolley. How cool is that?

bulletholes said...

Hi Annie!
Did you see the Maulbox I defaced this weekend?

bulletholes said...

Annie, I have a question for you. I have a Chenille Bedspread made by my Grandparents ( they had a Chenille factory in the 30's. it is beautiful, and has lots of sentimental value, but it is getting to be "threadbare" in spots and even has a big rip, about two feet long.
How do you go about restorng something like that?
Can it be like paqsted onto another piece to keep it together or is there a better way?
Do people at like Hancock Fabrics know what they are talking about if i took it there and asked what to do?
I'm going to taske a picture of it and post it someday soon, and you can tell me if its as beautiful as I think it is!

Annie said...


I did see that, you rebel you!

I don't know if the chenille is restorable. I would be more inclined to go to a quilt shop in your area, they are likely to have more experience with restoring/preserving fabrics, or be able to point you in the right direction. Some might even have an expert on staff. I also found this site: http://www.chenille-bedspread.com/index.html, she has some pages regarding the care etc. You might be able to e-mail her? I'm looking forward to seeing it, I'm sure it is beautiful. How cool that it was made by your Grandparents!

rilera said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had a nice trip. Hope Mom did well at the spa (or did she go somewhere else?).

Welcome back!

Annie said...

Robyn, Thanks! She spent a couple of days at the spa, and a couple of days, (one night) at my sister's place. She has been up and agitated all night, I'm dragging today!

cornbread hell said...

bulletholes -

look up stitchwhiz in the comments of my blog. she lives in your fair city and will probably have the skinny on your question.

(hi mr. holes!)