Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bed Alarm

I might have to get one of these. It's a bed alarm that goes off when the person gets out of bed. Mom always used to make a kind of sing song, laugh/clucking type noise as soon as she is up. Whether just out of bed or out of a chair during the day, if she was up walking she was making this sound. This was a help to me, because it would wake me up at night, and when I was out doing chores using the baby monitor, I could hear this when she got up.

She isn't making this sound any more. She is being very quiet at night, so I don't always hear her right away when she gets up.

We had a very bad night last night. We went to bed around midnight, but Mom got up at 2:30. I got her back to bed, but she was back up 15 minutes later. This time I took her to the bathroom, that took about 1/2 hour or more, then I put her back to bed. Up 15 minutes later again. This time I gave her a banana to eat, some water, and finally some milk. Back to bed, back up 15 minutes later. I think by now it was 5 am or so. I gave up, and did some more weaving on the peg loom while she walked around and did her "paperwork". Around 5:45 I noticed that it seemed like she had slowed down a bit, so I put her back to bed. By now, I was so tense from expecting her to get up again, and having to strain to hear her do so, it was probably 6:30 before I relaxed and fell asleep again. I am dragging today!

I am starting to wonder if she has a UTI. She hasn't been sleeping well/has been more agitated since I was gone those few days a couple of weeks ago. I had blamed it on the spring unsettled weather/pressure changes/wind, but now am starting to wonder.


Cindy said...

I guess you need to check out the physical things first. The alarm looks a bit pricey, but if you can get some help sleeping, then maybe you should get it.

flintysooner said...

UTI or some other infection is a definite possibility anytime behavior changes.

I never really needed an alarm but I do recall others using them. I don't recall the reported experiences though.

Feel for you.

cornbread hell said...

remember that old story about the princess and the pea?
(i think the princess refused to sleep in that bed. or maybe she tossed and turned and couldn't sleep?...)

the good news is, if your mom happens to notice that apparatus under her at night, i bet she'll create something really, really cool out of it.

Anonymous said...

Annie, it COULD very well be a UTI. In the past when my Mom has had unexplained sleeping / behavioral changes it has turned out that she had a UTI. A dose of antibiotics and things would go back to "normal."

We have always had Mom tested at the Doctor's office, but I believe that they have kits available for home testing, too.

I hope tonight is a better night. You and your Mom are in my thoughts.

~Amanda (gr8aunt)

rilera said...

Those bed alarms are great. It would be very helpful for you I think and give you some peace of mind. Do you use the baby monitor at night also? That combined with the bed alarm would help to make sure that you hear your Mom when she gets up.

Hang in there Annie, you are an amazing daughter. Hugs to you and your Mom.