Sunday, April 26, 2009


The sun is now sinking below the lower bank of clouds.

The rays of light show begins. Cue heavenly choir. Have I mentioned that Mom will often make that sound when I turn on a light? Makes me giggle every time.

Mom did really well at the spa. She even slept, in a bed, which is unusual for her when she goes there. When she got home, she immediately tucked a little stuffed rabbit in her arm, smiled at me, and went off exploring. The rabbit was replaced with Judy soon after. Right now, she is even keeping regular hours, to bed around 11, sleeping through the night, and up around 6 or 7. Heaven for me, although it makes sneaking a shower in difficult.


Lily said...

Shower after mum has gone to bed? Glad you're getting a decent night's sleep - it must make life so much easier to handle. Long may it continue!

rilera said...

I'm so glad that Mom had a good time at the spa. What a relief to have her on a schedule for however long that will last.