Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last night's sunset was incredible and ever changing. I'm just sharing a couple today, there are many, many more. I had just served Mom her dinner when I glanced outside, so luckily she was otherwise occupied. I just stood there, enjoying the show for a good 20 to 30 minutes, taking photos when I remembered. Here, the sun was sinking between two banks of clouds. You can probably tell there was a storm blowing in, and the sun was going down, so the scene changed every few seconds. The wind picked up and I could feel the temperature drop.

I enjoyed every second of my trip, but last night I was reminded why I love this place. This view that I cannot get enough of. Could I really ever leave it? Thinking about it is keeping me awake at night.


Cindy said...

Gorgeous. Is leaving your place something you're considering? I hope you don't have to.

rilera said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Mama Pea said...

Pictures worth framing, Annie. Thanks for sharing.

Do you have some decisions to make? If you could make your life better here and now (which is all any of us have), I hope you go for it. You deserve it.

cornbread hell said...

both photos are magnificent.
...i believe they belong on the front and back cover of a book.

how did your mom do while you were gone? is she settling back in well?

Annie said...

Rick, you're not going to let me forget about that book thing, are you. You're not the only one who has brought it up again recently. I can't even get past the book proposal stage. Who is my target market? Who would buy this book? Hell if I know.

cornbread hell said...

let you forget it? i didn't know you wanted to forget it.

it's no skin off my teeth if you blow off a great idea. heck, i do it all the time.

(email coming your way)

Anonymous said...

Target market? Anyone with parents. Anyone with siblings. Anyone who cares about other people.

Why write the book? Not everyone in your situation writes like art.

You do.

If you don't write the book, especially if you believe no one would be interested in reading it, then will all the days you've lived end up as silent and memorable as a shadow on the wall?

You have the gifts. Share them.

Much like this blog, you just never know whose life you will affect, but you continue to write.

Annie said...

It feels safe and comfortable being the shadow on the wall. Being in the light not so much. I burn easily.
That being said, thank you for your comment. I will hang it on the bulletin board above my desk, joining some e-mails. They bring me courage. And I need the occasional kick in the pants.