Friday, April 24, 2009

The trip

I was going to focus on the film first, but I am waiting on some photos from a friend. I am still trying to wrap my head and emotions around that whole part anyway. This is roughly chronological.

There was a luxury ride from the airport.

It was the wee hours of the morning, so I didn't ask him to hold the sock. Speaking of which,

here it is on the intended recipient. This is the one and only sock photo. Apparently I'm not a good knit blogger.

There was a beautiful garden to relax in,

complete with good dog Cassie so I wouldn't get lonesome for my two.

What trip(for me, anyway) would be complete without a photo of a sign, right? (Photo by MJ)

Unfortunately, this sign on a parking structure (in Ventura) is just a testament to the number of homeless looking for a place to sleep. Sad.

There was a surprise dessert of carrot pudding after an incredibly delicious meal of flavorful Indian food at Taj. If you're ever in Ventura, I highly recommend it!(Photo by MJ)

There was kayaking in Ventura.

With seal.(Rest of the kayaking photos by MJ.)

And double-crested cormorants. Check out those Andy Rooney eyebrows.

I'm the one in the back there.

There was walking in the fashion district, with shop after shop of fabrics out leaning on the shops. I didn't get a photo of that, camnesia, you know. The sight was incredible though. I purchased some silks to experiment with nuno felting. The clerk's name was Josephine! We also went to Chinatown to stock up on allergy medicine. That clerk's English name was Josephine too! I took it as a sign that Mom was with me in spirit. (Remember this, it will pop up in another post later.)

There we were, walking around downtown LA in record breaking 100 degree heat. It really didn't feel that bad though. It's a dry heat, you know! However, my friend knows that the coolest, cleanest bathroom in downtown LA is in the (Frank Gehry designed) Disney Concert Hall, so we popped in there and also looked through the gift shop. I didn't stop and take any photos of that building, because you could just feel the heat radiating from it. This is another part of the complex though. (Don't ask me which one, I don't remember.)

There were long walks on the beach. (Does this sound like a singles ad?)My friends live in Santa Monica, so beach walking is a tradition. They always carry bags and pick up trash as they walk. Hurray for them!

Look, dolphins! Each day we walked, there were several dolphins just offshore. So cool!

The Santa Monica Pier is solar powered, see?

Travelogue over.


cornbread hell said...


is the sculpture on that building metal? stone?

Annie said...

Rick, as far as I could tell it is stone. I thought of you, of course, wondering how it was made. Do you think it is carved?

rilera said...

Wonderful photos. I'm longing for that lovely beach and the kayaking. Sounds like you have a fun, relaxing trip.

cornbread hell said...

if it's stone it's carved. in very high relief, too.
i'll see if i can find out out about it. i think it's very cool. as is the picture of the grasshopper(?) on the iris.

glad you finally posted a picture of yourself. (ha)

cool sign, too...

my all time favorite sign was a yellow diamond shaped road sign that said, "Men Cooking."
never did find out what it meant.