Friday, April 17, 2009


I saw this dust covered web out in the barn this morning. It has obviously been there for a while, but I first saw it today. The light must have hit it just right so I noticed it. I had to stand in the llama poop pile in order to photograph it. Don't worry, I'll change my clothes (including my shoes!) before I head out to the airport.

Ok, so there is a car service picking me up from the airport and taking me to my friends' place. I'm so taking a photo of that. Here's the I ask the driver to hold the sock?

For all you non-knitting readers...knitters often choose socks to knit while traveling, as socks are a small, portable project. Thanks to the Yarn Harlot, it has become fairly common for knit bloggers to take photos of the sock...sort of like Flat Stanley.

Have a great weekend! The screening is Tuesday, I'll be back very late Wednesday, so don't worry if you don't hear from me, (I know some of you do), we're fine, just not here!


Cindy said...

And, we had darned well better get it on satellite. I plan on checking!! Have a great time, Sweetie!

rilera said...

I can't wait to hear all about it. And I hope Mom enjoys her stay at the spa. Godspeed Annie.

Linda Sue said...

Exciting! I will be out of the country when it airs for everyone on HBO I have instructed husband to record it though i reckon it will be shown multiple times- it is an important issue. My husband has two TWO certain markers for Alz...our interest is keen.We did the 23andme(genome project) thing for our christmas presents to each other- finding out these things is very helpful. Before your mom exits this life you may want to get hers as well as yours - I could not get my maternal side of the family because my mom died a few years ago- makes it difficult to get saliva from ashes...

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful meeting you last night at the showing. I will keep checking on you and seeing how you are doing. If you want to read Joes blog here is the address It does not have as much as yours does but it gives a different view. He also forgets to write on it. We will keep you and your Mom in our prayers. If you need to talk contact me through his site and I will get with you.
take care

cornbread hell said...

did y'all "knock 'em dead"? break a leg? kick major ass?

i bet you did.

i will try to get someone to tape it for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh Annie,
I've been thinking of you while you've been gone.
I love seeing the beautiful image of the spider's web, but I'm impatiently waiting to hear about your adventure.

I hope you had a wonderful time, and the screening was beyond your expectations. :-)

Amanda (gr8aunt)