Wednesday, April 15, 2009


From giant suri monster

to nuno felted suri stole.

The fabric was from the clearance rack, purchased several years ago. To do this properly, I should have used a silk or cotton voile base fabric. The suri fiber would enmesh right into the base. In this case, I think the base fabric was too tightly woven, and is probably polyester or rayon or something. Or maybe I didn't felt it enough. The suri itself felted, but it didn't stick to the fabric very well. I think I might be able to peel the suri away in one piece if I wanted to. However, I grabbed my felting needles, and needle felted it in strategic areas so that it did stick. Yesterday, the wind was coming from the right direction that I just held the stole up and the wind held it on the fence.

It is very light and drapey, and the suri glows with luster.

Edited to add: Yeehaaaa! I just found out that I get to go kayaking in Ventura on Saturday if it isn't too windy.


Annette said...

How do you do this process. It's neat! Do you have directions you could share?

Cindy said...

That is some kind of gorgeous, girl. It's ethereal.

rilera said...

That is beautiful Annie!

Enjoy your time in LA and have fun kayaking!