Monday, May 4, 2009

Before and After

Before shearing. This was taken Friday afternoon.

After shearing,taken this afternoon. I told them to, but they wouldn't go position themselves in the exact same positions as the first photo. Llamas, go figure.

We did get them all done yesterday. My helpers had to leave at a certain time, and we got them done with time to spare. They are going to come back on Friday to help me pull more burdock.


cornbread hell said...

the look on peachfuzz's face!


Cindy said...

They look bahr-nekkid. Are the poor babies cold???

rilera said...

How did Tieck do? Do they like this process, and do you have to wrestle them down to shear them? They do look naked, glad it's warmed up for their sake.

bulletholes said...

Wheres Waldo?

Annie said...

Rick, I know! He watched me the whole time I was out there, and he wasn't happy about me being there. Maybe he didn't want his picture taken?

Cindy, no, they're not cold. There is no shivering going on, I've gone out at night to check on them. They have a deeply bedded barn to snuggle into at night.

Robyn, Tieck was our biggest struggle. She cried and complained the whole time, and then gave an alarm call when we let her up. We lay them on their side and stretch them out on the ground. Safer for everybody that way. It is also faster, so there is less stress all around. It is murder on my back and legs though!

Hiya BH!

Cinnamin said...
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Cinnamin said...

Annie, the after photo makes me want to be sheared! They look so skinny! LOL!

How often do they have to be cut?