Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Thousand Points of Light

(Click for big for maximum effect.) The grass in the hayfield is coming in nicely. This grass is very important to me. Without it, I have to buy hay to feed the animals over winter. Buying hay pretty much blows any profits I might make from my fiber sales right now. When I see an expanse of perfectly manicured lawn, I think, Do you know how many animals that lawn could feed? I am not a fan of manicured lawns.

Does anybody else see swizzle sticks?

I have plans to get in a couple of hours of @#$$#@ burdock pulling before my shearing helpers arrive at 8:30, so I better get moving. We only got two done on Friday night, I hope to finish today.


flintysooner said...

I have to buy the small bales of grass hay for our horse with COPD. Horses have surprisingly sensitive digestive systems.

The most expensive small bale grass hay I've seen recently was $9.50 a bale! Usually we can get it for about 1/2 that. Still expensive when you consider that we grow alfalfa.

rilera said...

Those are cool photos.

You are your mom are featured in some of the ads for The Alzheimer's Project. I think of you too every time I see one.

Annette said...

Ok that is just stunning!!

cornbread hell said...


are a thousand points of light.

Thistledog said...

Yup, I see swizzle sticks too!

I surely can relate to the feeling of satisfaction upon seeing that grass come in like that, knowing it'll feed your critters next winter. Good stuff, grass.

Annie said...

Flinty, grass hay around here was anywhere from $3.50 to $4.50 for a small square the past couple of years. That is double what I paid when I was buying hay just two years ago.

Robyn, that is freaking me out!

Thanks Annette!

Rick, you are too!

Thistledog, whew, I was thinking I was the only one, so thanks!

bulletholes said...

Awesome picture. Hard to imagine such an effect from just a little dew.
Very cool!

Lynn said...

We are so grateful for the grass this year after a hard drought. We got almost 7 inches of rain last weekend; it filled our ponds to overflowing. It broke the drought in our county, at least! I always have some arguments with my husband in the spring because he wants to mow the weeds and I want to let the cows and horses have first go at them. Besides, they are my garden! If it blooms I want to give it a chance to express itself before lopping off its head!

Donna Boucher said...

Oh! Light bubbles....I love those!