Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Click for big and look very closely. You can see that those clouds continue under the blue section. The blue section is like a giant shadow on the sky. Cool.

Not cool is the 2-3 inches of water in my basement. We had a heavy downpour (and even some small hail) earlier, but I hadn't realized how heavy until I saw the lake in the field. Seeing that caused me to check the basement. Yep, flooded. I set up the pump though, so it is getting emptied. The joys of a over 100 year old fieldstone foundation. All of my mechanicals are up on blocks, so nothing is damaged, just a pain. It would be nice if the rain moved on for the day though.


cornbread hell said...

probably more work than warranted, but would a french drain around the foundation alleviate the flooding problem?

"a giant shadow on the sky" = huh?
& wow.
& huh?, again!

cornbread hell said...


the shadows are from the clouds lower on the horizon?
wow. i don't think i've ever seen/noticed that before.

Annie said...

Rick, I've never seen or noticed that before either, which is why I thought it was so cool. I didn't know what to call it other than a shadow? My assumption was that the lower clouds were blocking the sun from getting to that section, so the clouds couldn't reflect the light? I wonder if the phenomenon has a scientific term?

Regarding the french drain, there is something new and bizarre going on in my basement, involving a clay pipe that leads to who knows where and an old cistern. I don't know how to explain it, or how to try to fix it, but there was a definite stream of water coming in from this clay pipe. WTF?

rilera said...

Oh yuck.

The picture is amazing. As usual.

bulletholes said...

I saw one a while back much like this, and at the risk of sounding like one-upsman, a little better. It had shades of purple and gold in it as well, in fact I wrote about it...
Lets see...yes...its a long post, more about my daughter than the sunset..

but you got pictures...I didn't!
Hey, have you ever checked out the Cloud Appreciation Society?

bulletholes said...

Heres their page with cloud shadows! You should submit!