Friday, May 8, 2009


Yesterday was a hard day here at MapleCorners. I was feeling a bit piled on like Ursa here.

A little topsy-turvy like Judy.

It was one of those days where I just wanted to escape. I wanted no responsibility for any living thing, sell the farm, find homes for everything but the dogs, and go back to California where the biggest decision to be made was how much cilantro to put in the taco salad. (Huck the whole thing in!)

Don't worry, Mom is fine, and it wasn't the AD caregiving thing that had me in a funk. Actually, Mom helped bring me out of it. We sat in the lawn chairs as the sun went down, cats on our laps, dogs at our feet, and even the chickens gathered round to keep us company. The frogs and robins were singing their nightly songs and the geese were honking in the distance.

A little spinning later,

and the peace of this place is starting to soak in again.

Have a nice weekend.


flintysooner said...

Annie you are not alone.

I was thinking something similar this morning myself - except not cilantro and not California.

You have a good weekend, too.

Cinnamin said...

I think we all "get it". I know I've been "weary" too. Hope today is a better one.

Have a good weekend, Annie.

And Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!

cornbread hell said...

cheer package coming your way...

Cindy said...

YOU have a good weekend.

rilera said...

We all have those kinds of days, especially as caregivers, so you have a lot of support and love out here. I'm glad that you and Mom are OK. Today is another day.

Hugs to you Annie.

MJ said...

I understand the weariness, my friend.

Though I think you're best to be at Maple Corners right now! We have terrible fires here in California (just up the road in Santa Barbara), and yesterday - an earthquake in Ventura.

Carol said...

Hi, I saw a post of yours on Homesteading Today regarding the HBO Alzheimer's documentary, and I thought I'd check out your blog. I've been reading for hours!!!

I live in MN, too, on 15 acres. And my mom has Alzheimer's. It appears that your mom is just a "smidgen" farther along than my mom, who lives in an assisted living facility about 4 miles from my house (it was her choice, when her Alzheimer's was much more mild, that she not live with my family, as things are now, I still do a lot of caregiving, more than most people expect, and I'm able to see her every day)....My mom has lived in her apartment for 3 1/2 years, but if you ask her, she's lived there "for three months already!" :-)

I very much love the gentle, humorous tales of your caregiving experience. And I love how much love shines through in your posts. And your photos are amazing, too!

You made me love your mom and I've only known her for a few hours--no wonder HBO wanted you to be a part of their special!!!

Thank you.