Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guarded Sigh of Relief

Simba there, the one on the left, has been scaring me the past few days. She is having trouble walking. There was fear of a blown ACL, or two, but that seems to have been ruled out. This is good news, because I couldn't pay $4000.00 for the surgery to correct it. I've been shedding many tears over that thought. The test for Lyme's was negative, and her hips look good on X-ray. The vet doesn't really know what is going on. We are treating her for Lyme's, just in case it was a false negative, and starting her on steroids for the next month.

I'm not doing the peasant dance of joy with wild abandon quite yet, but I am rejoicing in the sound of her tail thwapping the floor next to me as I type.


rilera said...

Heart in throat! I hope Simba continues to improve. They are our babies and I know how scared you must be. Please keep us posted on how she is doing.

Hope you, Mom and Ursa are OK too!

Keeping you all in my thoughts, especially Simba.

amyinbc said...

Hoping she is going to be just fine.

Cindy said...

You don't need this worry, but Simba is worth every bit of it. I'll keep your baby in my prayers.

elisa said...

I'm glad that Simba is doing better - I'll keep the two of you in my thoughts for a full recovery.