Friday, May 22, 2009


The Alaska hat is done. I'm pretty sure it will fit her this time. The pattern is roughly based on the Turn-a-Square pattern. I didn't do the striping, the yarn did it a little bit on it's own. I only used 80 stitches, and didn't increase after the ribbing. The yarn is 50%alpaca/50% Cormo wool handspun.

Here you can see the barely there striping. I do like how the bottom is green.

It is a little more noticeable on the top, as the squares form.

As I was outside taking these photos using the trunk of my car as makeshift lightbox, I got buzzed. At first I just watched, and then realized I had my camera in my hands. With no time to change camera settings, I just clicked away. In slight silhouette, you can't see the bright ruby throat.


Cinnamin said...

Wow - I can almost feel how soft that yarn is. I love the detail on this hat, just beautiful!

rilera said...

The hat turned out great! I love it! The striping is perfect and I too love the green band at the bottom.

Linda Sue said...

FINALLY got to see the documentary- I just got back from Italy- Oh GAWD- I love you and your Mom- you have given her the best possible life- i wish i was your child mom!
Love your hat, too.

Deb said...

I've made 2 of the Turn -A-Square hats, both of them turned out too big. :( I even went down 2 needle sizes. Yours looks very nice, I'm sure that your friend will enjoy hers.

Danielle said...

Great Job, wish I had the time to learn how to do that.