Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An old apron

I was doing some rearranging in the fiber room yesterday, and moved a box of sewing stuff/fabric that came from Mom's house. None of my other siblings are sewers much, so it came to me. I opened it and took a look through. Turns out, it wasn't just fabric. There were some of Mom's shirts in there too. Some of them, I remember sewing together with her. Perfect, threw those in the wash.

I also found this apron.

I don't remember it. I don't remember Mom wearing traditional aprons, really. She always wore what I think are called cobbler aprons. It just looks like a sleeveless shirt, usually with snaps down the front, and seam binding all around. She couldn't find them in the stores anymore. I remember taking apart one of her old ones to use as a pattern, and we sewed up several. A couple of these were the shirts I found in the box. They didn't look like they had ever been worn.

Right, back to the apron. It comes with delicate ric rac edging.

And worn spots. Or maybe bleach spots?


I don't know if the apron was Mom's or not. All of the apron strings were removed. She may have picked it up at a garage sale, intending to fix it for my sister. (My sister loves to use aprons.) My sister may have picked it up at a garage sale, and brought it to Mom's to have her fix it, only to find that Mom couldn't really sew anymore.

There was a partially sewn shirt in the box that only needed the bottom hem sewn, and buttons and button holes added. I will finish that up for Mom. There was also a fairly large piece of that same fabric. A light purple with tiny white polka dots.

I am going to use that fabric to make ties for the apron. My sister will have a new old apron for Christmas. If I can wait that long to give it to her.


sandy said...

How lovely! Purple is so festive and I haven't seen ric rac in ages. Sounds like a fun project. I just got a sewing machine (first one in 20 years) and don't know exactly where to begin.

rilera said...

What a treasure trove! It gives me a warm feeling to hear stories like this. It's so easy to get caught up in how our loved ones are now; we forget their true selves. I'm just now starting to remember Mom how she was before ALZ and it feels good.

The purple fabric is lovely!

R.G.Sell said...

Enjoy your sewing! I inherited boxes of fabric too and I love looking through them.