Monday, August 3, 2009


I love dovetailed boxes. Something about the careful craftsmanship involved strikes a chord, I guess. Like this one.

It is lined with red velvet, and holds all of the accessories to my antique Wheeler & Wilson No. 9 sewing machine. I suspect it is original to the machine, but I could be wrong. I just think it is beautiful.

I like (maybe even prefer)the more primitive dovetailed boxes too. I have two of these. They were discovered "upstairs someplace" in the family home before I went off to college. They were covered in thick dark green paint, but I refinished them. They served as storage/nightstand in college and ever since. They currently are in the living room. I was told that my grandfather obtained them from a CCC project.

These two sit on a dresser holding hair and jewelry doodads. They originally held fish of some sort, if you can read the red writing on the one.

A stack of dovetailed boxes acts as bookshelves.

A new friend recently gave me this cheery red tea cup as a hostess gift. Much like a child at Christmas who ignores the toy and plays with the box it came in,

I'll be honest and say I am probably more enamoured of the teacup's wonderful packaging.


TheBunny said...

I'm with you. I love how dovetailing looks. I had an old dresser that I repurposed for a couple storage solutions and they feature gorgeous joins on the drawers. You can take a peek at the pictures here,
I promise it isn't a spam/adult site. Just a knitting site. :-)

sandy said...

Oooh yes, I love how the smooth pearls contrast with the aged wood of your hair doodad box!

Julia said...

These are so beautiful! I love the way old wooden boxes like these make their contents seem especially precious. On a technical note--my woodworking partner looked over my shoulder just now and said "those aren't dovetails, they're finger joints!" I think in a dovetail joint the wood protrusions and slots are not rectilinear, but are angled so that the joint can't pull apart. You can see pictures at the wikipedia article (

I've been lurking for a while now but want to say how much I enjoy your blog--your photos are beautiful and I *love* your mother's art works.

Annette said...

Two things:

I could see the boxes that came from the CCC on antiques roadshow fetching a pretty penny for historical value.

My husband made me a rabbit grooming stand and dovetailed the joints which makes it look (and it is) like a quality piece.