Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shameless Plug

I was recently accepted into the Indie Dyers Cooperative, and have been busy carding up a storm for the Fall Fiber Frenzy scheduled for Tuesday at 3 pm Eastern. Check out the previews, sign up for Hyena Cart, and tell all your friends!

I'll be stocking mostly spinning/felting batts, with a few handspun yarns thrown in when I can. Here are a couple sneak peeks.


Cindy said...

They are simply lovely

Lily said...

Wow! The second one looks very similar to Colinette mohair - sahara (I'm planning to knit an autumn jumper out of mine).

Sue172 said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Well done! I'm just beginning with spinning and hope to start dying soon as well. Hope I can learn to produce such woderful effects.