Monday, October 12, 2009

Felted Legwarmers

This is what I came up with to try to keep Mom's legs warm. Cold air seeps up the back of her pant leg and her legs freeze! This is felted alpaca on the outside, and lined with polar fleece on the inside. There is a casing at the top and bottom threaded with a length of yarn that I tie shut. Her legs/feet are sometimes swelling a bit, so I wanted it adjustable.

Hey, does anybody know what those little doohickeys are called that are often on sleeping bags or stuff sacks or backpacks, two parts on a spring that you squeeze together to move the doohickey, on a string, and let go when you have it as tight as you want? I think those would work a lot easier than having to tie them, but I don't know what they are called so I can look for them online. Anybody know what they're called or have a link where I can buy a few cheap?


Nancy in NH said...

They're called "cord stops" and you can get them at places like

anncrafts said...

If you google cord locks you'll find lots of places where you can order them. I've bought them at JoAnn though because you have to order so many at the online places.

Annie said...

Thank you Nancy and Ann! I didn't know what they were called, which makes looking for them difficult. Thank you!

rilera said...

What a good idea! I hope you can find some cord stops. This story reminded me of my 80s legwarmers that my dad found and used in the winter to keep his legs warm when he slept. They were soft yarn and did the trick for him.

Diann said...

Annie what was your recipe for those leg warmers?

Holly Marie said...

The legwarmers look very cozy!
I have enjoyed reading down through your blog. And most especially have I enjoyed your Mom's art. I find it truly amazing. I am glad that you have the wisdom to see her art and photograph it.
You seem to take wonderful care of your Mother.
I will keep you both in my prayers.

Holly Marie