Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not for the Squeamish

Warning: This post is not for the squeamish, those who think chickens are vegetarians, or mouse lovers. If you've been reading long enough, I've probably dispelled the chickens are vegetarians myth a while ago.

So, the other day, I was in the kitchen when I heard a sound coming from the mud room. I knew nothing (no dogs or cats)was in there since the door between the rooms was closed, so went to the door and listened. It sounded like the dog food bag crinkling. I quickly barged in there, grabbed the bag and held it closed. I took it outside, making sure to shut the door behind me. Oh look, there were two or three cats hanging out on the porch. I laid the bag down, opened it enough so the cats could look in. Finally, a cat ventured inside the bag and started eating the dog food. Hm, that wasn't the reaction I was expecting. Then, a mouse jumped over the cat's back and ran a little ways. The other cat didn't even see it. I picked the cat up and set it down next to the mouse. The cat was still clueless. After several more attempts at showing the mouse to the cat, the mouse finally moved off a little more. It was moving pretty slowly. Full of dog food, you know. The cat finally saw it, but wasn't quick enough. In the meantime, the chickens had started running my way, thinking I had brought them food. Before the cat could do anything, the rooster caught the mouse in his beak, shook it once, and it was dead.

Another game of chicken football ensued.

The rooster ran first one way, (sorry for the blur, he was moving fast!)

then the other.

He was chased by the black hen,

and the yellow hen.

I don't know which chicken finally ate the mouse, but there is no doubt in my mind that one of them did indeed eat it. Chickens are not vegetarians.


joyknits said...

Too funny - the latest reality show - Rural Reality. Good job of catching the action! At our house the dog's actually better at dispatching mice than either of the cats ;)

Lily said...

I am utterly gobsmacked! My flabber has never been so gasted! I'll never eat chickouse again.

Lisa said...

I've seen chickens do that same thing with a tomatoe worm when I was a kid. It was always fun. I think it's more like tag then football.

Mare said...

Amazing! Instead of going out and adopting a few kittens for added mouse protection, i just might have to go get me some chickens for patrolling the basement!

Annette said...

We just came back from a weekend in Kentucky. Our friends have chickens. They told us that the chickens will eat anything. I guess I never gave it much thought but it makes sense. Look at what some other birds species eat. I actually think its remarkable that you were able to capture this incident on film.

Anonymous said...

our barn chicken would beat up the cats so she could get into the food bowl, of which she would eat---chicken, prime rib, shrimp and god knows what else. i worked at a restaurant and brought home all that for the cats but she always got first pick and they would all sit back and wait till she was down. 4 hungry cats waiting till that bird was done. ha ha

Providence Acres Farm said...

lol! Mine do that too! We have caught six mice in the house in the past month and given them to the chickens. A big game of chase always ensures. Its a site to watch! I think they all get some, eating as fast as they can while running in front of the other 19 chickens.