Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I've been on a felting kick lately. This is wool that I dyed felted onto a base of teal silk crepe de chine fabric. It was wet felted in a big sheet, then I cut out a vest shape. It is one piece, with the only seams at the shoulders.

I stood in the art shack for the first time on Saturday. Previously, when you opened the door, there was a big wooden apparatus directly inside that prevented me from physically getting inside the building. I dismantled it on Saturday, (with a wrench, a hammer, crowbar, and some well-chosen expletives) and just stood in there and got a feel for the space. Dreamed a bit. Thought about window and door placement. Loom placement. Dyeing station placement. Felting station placement. Pottery wheel placement. Big comfy chair placement. You get the idea!


Northmoon said...

Moving into a new space = moving into new adventures. Very exciting.

Tracy said...

That's wonderful, you have a new space to create - in every sense of the phrase. Enjoy the sense of potential!