Thursday, December 9, 2010

Long Overdue Thank You

A while ago, I sent some fiber to an Internet friend. She was new to spinning, and I just wanted to do a little enabling to help her build her fiber stash. Pay it forward, just like other spinners had done for me when I first started. Then, back in September, I got a squishy in the mail.

Aren't they fantastic? She did all the spinning on a drop spindle. A drop spindle! Then she knit this beautiful cable and lace pattern and sent the socks back to me. They've been keeping my feet and heart warm ever since. Thank you G-A-M!


Anonymous said...

Too bad they probably dont fit you. :p

I admit that even though I have a wheel now, I am still enamored of the spindles. Simplicity and function first.

You do beautiful fiber work and are a great inspiration to me, Annie!

Dont ever stop being you. :D


WIHH aka Susan said...

She what you started!??!? hee hee - and the enabling goes on and on and on. It was GAM's socks that first got me really into knitting - and then spinning!

Great job, GAM on the spinning and knitting - and great job with the fiber enabling, Annie. You are BOTH inspirations to me! WIHH aka Susan

Marci said...

I love them. Great job GAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marchwind said...

GAM did a fantastic job with some wonderful fibers. I have a pair of her sock too and they are my favorites Enjoy their warmth this winter Annie.

I wonder what pattern that is, they really are lovely.

Annie said...


They fit just fine! There is enough stretch in them that they make it over my big feet. I wear them with sock liners and wash them out every couple of days before I go to bed and stick them in front of the stove. By morning they are dry and go right back on my feet.