Tuesday, April 8, 2008


On our way back to Dallas, we stopped at the little town of West for some lunch/great pastry. A peppery sausage and cheese kolache, and a variety of fruit kolache made for some happy travelers! And so cheap! $1.00 a piece!

Before we continued on our journey to Dallas, we went into the town. Historical marker! You can bet we pulled over.

As we were walking back to the SUV, (we got a free upgrade from a compact car to a 4 door Explorer!), I spotted this cool door handle on the building.

Isn't it beautiful? So intricate. I immedately wanted a rubbing, but had no pencil nor paper. Crap!

My resourceful traveling companions came to the rescue. Rick rummaged through his bag and came up with paper, and my friend P found a Keno crayon in her camera bag! Perfect!

Rick held while I rubbed. (The paper! The paper!)

I have some old barn molding that I picked up at a farm auction for a buck. (A whole pile of wood for a buck! I love farm auctions!) I want to haul out the compound miter saw and make a frame for them. Angles and I may not get along, so I'll see how that goes.

Results of the dyeing session tomorrow!


cornbread hell said...

you're really doing a great job sharing your travel chronicles. i almost feel like i was there.

oh, wait...

Cinnamin said...

LOL Annie! "I want to haul out the compound miter saw and make a frame for them. Angles and I may not get along, so I'll see how that goes." I am working on this house and getting ready to miter the window molding so this line really had me going! I'm awful with angles as well, I'm wondering if it really would matter if I connect the edges straight and fill them in prior to paining (maybe no one will notice)! Will you let me in on any hints if you get the corners to match??

I LOVE the rubbings! Stuff like that door handle are intriguing to me as well. Somewhere in this disaster of stacked boxes I will (hopefully) find my own rubbings from the Viet Nam memorial in D.C. and some from old tombstones from a visit back east, some were dated in the 1600's! Cool designs on those things!

Annie said...

Rick, time for you to start telling some travel stories of your own. How about you do the signs post?

Cinn, it will be a minor miracle if the corners match, but if they do, I'll surely share any hints.

rilera said...

Love those rubbings! That was indeed a beautiful door handle. Can't wait to see the results of the dyeing.

Robin said...

LOL...I'm so glad you clarified that for me, and without pictures I'd wonder if you were telling the truth!