Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rant update

They were quick, it didn't take ten days. I got my claim check yesterday. But it was for over $150.00 less than what I had insured it for. WTF? I have a call in to Accounting Services, to hear their explanation.

One of the FAQ on the postal service website addresses this very issue. My claim check is smaller than expected, or something like that. Their answer? File a check protest within 60 days from the date of the check. This makes me wonder if they do this to a certain percentage of claims, just because they can. Make the claimant jump through another hoop to get all of the money they paid for, because certainly not everybody will do that. They will just give up, and not file a protest. Think of how much money the postal service would save. I cry unfair bureaucratic bullshit! You can be sure that I'll be filing my check protest if the phone call doesn't straighten this out and another check is winging my way! They don't know that I've worked for almost 18 years now dealing with bureaucratic bull from around the world. The US postal service are amateurs in comparison. Amateurs! They need to take lessons from China and Mexico.

Ok, enough of my rant. Sorry about that, the unfairness of it all chaps my hide!

The neighbor's horses have gone home. They've done all that they could do as far as my mowing is concerned. The poor things were being bitten so badly from the huge skeeter population, it was time. I miss them though.

My roof is finally all shingled! They had been hampered by the weather. Too much rain, or rain in the forecast, that they didn't dare do the tear off until they knew they could also get it covered. They still have to install the ridge vents and clean up, but I'm happy to have the shingling done at least. Now watch we'll get a huge hail storm.

I'm getting lots of strawberries now. I'll put some in the freezer as a mid-winter treat, make some sorbet, and many get eaten as I am picking. Must keep up your strength you know!

Mom is on an antibiotic again for a UTI. I have them do it in liquid form, because making sure the pills actually get swallowed is very difficult. It is bubblegum flavored, she likes it.

We spent some time in the screen house yesterday, eating watermelon, looking at magazines, and just enjoying the breeze. Mom looked around, and said, "This is nice." I'm so glad she thinks so!

Just got off the phone with Accounting Services. Let's just say I'll be penning and sending off my claim protest. They had depreciated the amount because the items were clothing. Aaaauuugh! Heaven forbid they would actually read what I wrote on the claim form!


Cinnamin said...

Annie - I'll growl with you at the craziness of the postal system. I agree with you, they probably DO short each claim and pay only on the "squeaky wheels" who complain at the unfairness! What ever happened to treating people the way that you would like to be treated?!? Anywho, I sure hope that they pay you completely and soon! Wouldn't it just seem "normal" to have that package show up now??!!

Don’t know if you are interested in this, but friends here who raise horses tell me that if you spray a mixture of Avon’s Skin-so-soft and water on the horses, the mosquitoes (and flies as well) will leave them alone.

I’m smiling, in more than a little bit envious, to hear about your bumper crop of strawberries! I grew up with wild boysenberry vines in the back yard, so I know all about needing to “taste” the product as you harvest! Sounds like a yummy job!! 

Also glad to hear that you Mom is finding GOOD things in her world! This makes it nice for the BOTH of you!

Thinking of you today – And – I just may have to make some strawberry shortcake because of this post!

Cindy said...

How dare the USPS decide what is right to pay. You paid for the insurance, you get the insurance check. WFT? It seems this ticks us all off, huh? The Skinsosoft works on people, too. It's just kinda slimey. And the strawberries? Enjoy. We had a bumper crop this year and it lasted for 3 weeks. It was divine.