Saturday, July 18, 2009

Actual Knitting Content!

This is my swatch for Rusty Nail. Lace and I don't mix, but this is an attempt at slightly lace knitting that I think I might actually be successful at. Only 3 rows out of a 16 row repeat are something other than knit. On those 3 rows, you are doing the same thing the whole length of the row, except for a couple of knit edge stitches. I think I can do it!

The shawl is supposed to be knit lengthwise, casting on 400 something stitches. That makes for a very long row, and gives me pause. Stopping in the middle of a row usually causes problems for me. I might cast on 80 something stitches and knit it that way instead. I don't know, because I do like the long rows of lace effect. Decisions, decisions.

I've also done some spinning.

More deliberately overspun wool singles.

Guess what I'll be doing with these?


rilera said...

I love the rusty nail colorway, very pretty. I'm intrigued by your lace stitch. Looks fun.

Charlotte said...

One way to remember which direction you're going on those long rows is to remember which hand holds the yarn. I'm a "thrower" so my yarn is always in my right hand. So if I must stop mid-row, when I come back to it, I must pick it up so the yarn is in my right hand. I never switch it to my left hand. Hope this hint helps you.

Mama Pea said...

LOVE the orange-ish colored yarn! Whatever you choose to do with it is gonna be gorgeous.

sandy said...

everything is gorgeous! I can't imagine how you get those beautiful colors.

Apple Jack Creek said...

Lovely lovely yarn!

I just did a workshop on 'energized singles' at Olds Fibre Week. We learned how to knit herringbone fabric by alternating 6 rows of z spun and 6 rows of s spun singles in plain old stockinette, and boy does it look neat!

We also did something much like your rusty nail, but with two strands of singles held together (not plyed) - one s and one z. The resulting fabric had such sproing to it, it just WANTED to be a lap blanket or something like that. I did just garter stitch with a row of the extra-wrap-drop-stitch (which is like what you have on the Rusty Nail I think), then more garter ... it was neat.

So, that's my guess for the spun singles. :)