Friday, July 17, 2009

Art of Alzheimer's

The beret on top of an empty pie pan. A plastic seal. Circles on top of circles on top of circles.

This one almost didn't get documented. She had left it on the kitchen counter. I saw it, and got my camera. She came back into the kitchen, saw what I was focusing on, and became interested in it again. She almost dismantled it, but I fended off her hand and distracted her with something else just long enough to snap a few. That was close!


cornbread hell said...

that beret gets a workout. cool.

Annie said...

Rick, I'm thinking beret-art will have its own chapter in the book. Thank you again. You see how much Mom enjoys it.

Lynn said...

I love seeing all these art pieces and I am really glad you are documenting this. It seems odd to say it but I really enjoy seeing how creative your Mom is despite her inability to do much else. I'm not very artistic and I'm not sure I would have recognized something like this as "art" were it my own mother who was doing it.