Monday, July 27, 2009

Of Bees and Pickpockets

Yesterday evening, I noticed bees going in and out of cracks in my chimney. At any one time, there were probably 20 to 30 bees buzzing about. I figured I had a swarm in my chimney. I'm pretty sure there is a metal flue in there, so thought they were between the brick of the chimney, and the metal flue. Hmmm, would the heat from the furnace hurt the bees in the winter? I am all for helping the bees out, but wasn't sure what the best course of action would be. Leave them be, or try to get them out and into one of my hives that I've never used? Well, I may not have to do anything. I haven't seen a single bee yet today.

I've mentioned before how Mom is a skilled pick-pocket. She did it again.

I finally cast on Rusty Nail, all 419 stitches. I knit one row, and then Mom grabbed it out of my hands and several stitches disintegrated. I didn't want to rip and cast on again, so I just counted and dropped another stitch to have the proper multiple for the stitch pattern. I now have 411 stitches. I have little green point protectors I've been using in an attempt to keep all the stitches on my a bit too short needles. When I'm knitting, I put them in my pocket.

Yesterday, the phone rang as I was knitting. I took my knitting with me to answer the phone, and didn't put on the point protectors. In other words, they were in my pocket. (For the non-knitters, point protectors look like little erasers you shove on the ends of the needles when you're not knitting so stitches can't fall off the end.) After I was done on the phone, I herded Mom to the bathroom, and stepped on something. A green point protector. I looked at her closer, and she had something in her mouth. Ala the documentary, I fished it out. A green point protector. She must have fished them out of my pocket when I was on the phone. I didn't even notice. Gaaaah!


rilera said...

Wow. She is a magician.

My mom had cute little yellow mitten shaped point protectors that I was always intrigued by as a kid.

Lily said...

I have blue ones!

Miss T said...

Oh, she is a stealthy one!